Providing One-on-One Private English Tutoring in the Greater Austin Area for Grades 6 - 12.

Regina's personalized approach will help your student achieve confidence in their English Language Arts comprehension whether they wish to overcome writer's block, develop their critical thinking skills, or simply keep up with their peers. 

why choose regina?

Work with a certified and seasoned English teacher who has been "in the trenches."

Experienced & Certified

Regina carries years of experience working in the classroom as an English teacher with students of all skill levels. Rest assured that your student will be mentored by a trained and certified professional. 

Real-World Application

Regina's experience goes well beyond the classroom. Not only does she currently work with a team of copywriters to create content that is engaging, free of errors, and ready for publication, she was also the editor for an Amazon Best-Selling book. 

Personalized Approach

Every student learns differently and deserves the opportunity to explore what strategies work for them. An ever evolving personalized approach ensures your student's development is tailored to their needs and academic goals. 

who is regina?

A former educator with a passion for the English Language Arts.

Regina's passion for English began when she learned to read and write and has been her constant companion throughout college, her time as an educator, and her work as Chief Editor for her husband's business. Helping people understand the nuances of the English language provides her with a great sense of purpose.

"I was MEANT to teach this subject, and I would love the opportunity to help you and your student achieve your academic goals."   

- Regina P.

Frequently asked questions

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Here's what clients are saying about Regina.

"As a non-native speaker that writes in English for a living, I’m always looking to present my work as professionally as I can. Regina has helped me not only to correct potentially embarrassing English mistakes, but her suggestions take the quality of my work to another level. It’s not the typos or the commas (although she takes care of that) but rather her ability to clarify my ideas — and make the piece of writing flows smoothly from start to finish."

I. Perdomo


dominic republic

"Regina has been helping me with my writing assignments since I was in kindergarten and each year she still helps me find ways to improve. I have always achieved top marks on my essays and many compliments on my writing skills, and it is all thanks to her! I never turn anything in without first going to her."

M. Reyes

univ. Student,

San Antonio, tx

"I used to really struggle in English class, but when I took Mrs. Pribyl's class my sophomore year of high school I gained an entirely new understanding of the subject. No teacher had ever helped me fully understand the subject matter up to that point, and now I'm currently studying to become a high school English teacher."

A. Chisholm

Univ. of Texas at Austin

AUstin, TX

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